A fresh approach to sales

The customer asked us to make the sales team fit for its new field service role. The retail landscape has changed, consumers are shopping differently and complexity is increasing.

Our plan was now to provide project participants with an understanding of the ‘new world’ including the historical development, in order to understand the entire context. We defined the contents of the new role together, and drew up the digital assistance as part of a workshop.

In a process that lasted 6 months, we worked through a range of different modules together, including 1:1 coaching and the implementation of xCoordinator, their new team-mate. A tool that was created by them, for them, and which also increases acceptance of its integration, guidance and use of its talents.

The project motto: Learning from each other, for each other.

Measurable 24/7 event management

Our customers were longing for a place where they could bundle all the information about the event, and also easily edit approvals and changes. Everyone knows that an event is a real feat of organising & bundling information and constant changes, all under time pressure. Their second request was to integrate the measurement of results, in order to retain the data for future strategies.

Our plan was now to create a platform in which the project participants could integrate, view and modify all of their information. Bookings for hotel rooms, meetings, stand tours, customer invitations, etc., were recorded on this platform, and the information was further distributed, for example, among hotels, stand crews, catering agencies, bus companies, restaurants.

The different activities were split up in xEvent and then summarised again in an attractive manner on the dashboard for everyone at the event. It was possible to share the necessary information quickly using QR codes, so as to further provide participants fast access to information. Time-critical subjects were directly communicated so that everyone was able to structure their to-do lists more effectively. Lead-capture was integrated easily and to the point, and was then used for measuring the event. All of the data now helps provide more clarity for upcoming events. xEvent writes an excellent lesson learned.

The project motto: Create a measurable event by networking data.

The strategic inventory

Our customers requested that the materials they produced for merchandising, trade fairs and similar projects be made more visible – in number, in their condition and with certain customers. Anything that is not visible tends to slip to the back of one’s mind, and thus at some point finds its way into the trash. A sustainable solution was required.

Our plan now was to create a material-shop that is easy to handle for a wide range of users and is based on classic online shops. Everyone has access, can order, track and coordinate the materials that are available to them. The project managers have and/or create an overview of the availabilities and are able to observe the minimum stock level.

xChain now becomes the digital shop-window for company-own materials. As a small treat, the solution is also connected to a shipping logistics company, which processes the orders on a daily basis and organises the inventory at the click of a mouse, while also providing those placing the order with automatic information by means of track and trace. Inventory lists are possible with a click, and loan items and returns can also be managed better. The customer team can comfortably shop for materials that are available for their customers and partners.

The project motto: Sustainability instead of doing things for the sake of it.


Specialist consulting wherever it’s needed

Our customer’s requirement (even with the experience of the pandemic) is to directly connect with their customers in the role of supplier/manufacturer. Customers can now shop nationwide and search for the result that suits them best, which could now also be found online. Consulting at a click, but with a focus on human communication. Tailored consulting without confounding factors and at a time when no market is still open. Or if the distance is too great, the solution will be found in the online consulting.

Our plan for this subject was to put together a package that not only takes the technological solution into account, but also the human components. This requires consultants who are happy to work in a home office. We integrated external partners and trained the team to ensure safe handling of the technology and the set, as well as organised suitable equipment. Our goal was to make the consulting offer available to everyone, and also to appoint team members who have a handicap and work from home or part-time, since they have other obligations.

xPerience, our manager for digital consulting, was brought into the team for this purpose. It dovetails all processes, from availability planning for the consultants though to online reservations. The ‘coupon’ feature, which can be awarded to consumers as a goody, makes for an enjoyable shopping experience. All online-meeting providers can be integrated, in a process as customised as the consulting itself.

The project motto: Integration and facilitation of hybrid communication concepts.

Networked and nearby on the go

Our customers’ vision was to invest in the relationship with their customers and further meet their requirements, as well as those of the employees. They wanted to enable hybrid support, which reduced time spent on the motorway or on the train, and show closeness in spite of the distance.

Our plan was now to connect the two tools with each other in order to plan visits online or in person. Employees can easily plan their tours with the tool and, if necessary, in circumstances which do not allow a personal visit, arrange the meeting with the customer online. Circumstances mean it is not always possible to travel, and this is also something we wanted to take into account, and facilitate more breathing space.

The bundle of both tools was configured and tailored to meet the organisational processes of the customer. Create meeting plans and visitor reports easily, measure results and interpret data. The findings of the hybrid concept also need to be evaluated, which is of course easily handled by our business analytics.

The project motto: Time at work is time spent living.