We develop digital solutions that are easy to use, and help you to remain balanced while working.

Our work is part of our life. It should provide us with fulfilment and joy.

If the work is easy, stress-free and meaningful, it is more enjoyable. This means it no longer really feels like ‘work’.

If we go about our work with ease, we can remain clear-headed, focussed, productive and able to enjoy more ‘me-time’. We can invest this time in tasks that we have not yet gotten around to. But we can also spend this time with our families, pursuing our hobbies or using it for other projects that are close to our heart.

We develop digital solutions that are easy to use

What does your workday look like at the moment? Do you have space to breathe?

I spend most of my time organising, planning and structuring my team.

Congratulations. We are very pleased that you have everything under control. But if you or your team do require support in improving one process or another, please get in touch.

It seems like things are going well for you. But if you want, we would be happy to meet for a coffee, and perhaps we could come up with an idea on how to make things even better.

Let’s sit down together, maybe we can find a solution on how to organise things more effectively for you with a digital assistant.

It sounds as though you could use more freedom in your daily tasks. A digital assistant could relieve some pressure. We are happy to explain how.

We are on hand for you and your team, and will help you to plan more effectively and create more space for the important things in life.


No, I can fully concentrate on the most important issues. My team and I are perfectly organised.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Administrative tasks distract me and my team at times.

100% agree. I spend too much time planning my work, I lose valuable time I could be spending on important tasks and more leisurely activities.

Our vision

We want to create space by developing digital solutions that make projects and work processes from all industry sectors easier, quicker and more efficient, meaning everyone can structure their workday according to how it suits them best.

Regardless whether self-employed, or an SME or a social institution. We help to identify challenges, we train and develop the digital assistant that is precisely tailored to you and your team – the so-called xCoordinator, which will help you overcome these particular hurdles... And much more.


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Our vision -  we want to create space
be a part and digital balance are incredible enablers for our daily business. Jointly developed processes and tools such as POS Scorecard or Sellout Tools help us move to the next level.
Emanuel Spulak,
Head of Marketing KitchenAid SDA Germany & Austria
Emanuel Spulak
xChain enables me to bundle my customer orders and thus select the optimum shipping solution. My customers have a constant overview of the inventory of their product portfolio and can coordinate their activities in good time. The perfect solution for professional work.
Friedhelm Wenner,
Managing Director of Werner Logistics
Friedhelm Wenner
The partnership is very efficient and is precisely tailored to our requirements in terms of a modern structure and workflows. The transparency of data and analyses helps us to make better operative and strategic decisions.
Bernd Hippmann,
Trade Marketing Mgr. KitchenAid SDA Germany & Austria
Bernd Hippmann
xCoordinator makes it possible for me to translate data-streams into my projects and build interactive data frameworks for my customers. This means our projects are sustainably enriched and enable sharper processes – whether in the conception, lead management or project planning stage.
Isabel Müller,
Managing Director be a part
Isabel Müller
As a freelancer, xCo makes my daily routine easier. It is easy to operate and effective in many areas, such as planning projects and meetings, for example, writing bills, and so on.
Giovanni Schembri,
Giovanni Schembri
I bank on digital flexibility and variety when planning my meetings, for workshops and online consulting. This all runs smoothly thanks to xCoordinator.
Petra Stryjakowski,
Petra Stryjakowski
Thanks to xCoordinator, our clients can now autonomously download an up-to-date overview of sales from our specialist consultants, 24/7. It is no longer necessary to constantly be editing spreadsheets on Excel.
Michael Wüst,
sellingATnetwork shareholder
Michael Wüst
For me, it is not only the tools but also the team that make a difference at digital balance. They offer full support. You never get turned away when faced with a problem or challenge. At digital balance, you are welcomed with open arms and a solution is found for everyone.
Sandra Billasch,
Project Manager be a part
Sandra Billasch
With our jointly developed ‘DATZI’ digital assistant, we have developed a tool in line with our wishes, which makes it much easier for us to prepare for customer meetings, plan specialist consulting and its success, as well as deal with sell-out data, and enables us to work even more quickly and effectively on developing our customers.
Christian Kary,
Regional Sales Manager Germany and Austria KitchenAid Germany
Christian Kary
The tool enabled me to take care of my workflows in the field of meeting-planning, meeting-coordination and deployment-planning more efficiently, and to check them more effectively. Furthermore, the wide range of filtering options always helped me a great deal in reducing the time necessary to plan meetings, employees and deployment sites.
Ingo Bender,
sellingATnetwork shareholder
Ingo Bender
I got to know Nancy as an innovative, open and forward-thinking business partner, who puts people above everything else, and... Always has a smile on her face. These also match our values, which means working with Nancy and her team is not only effective but a lot of fun, and our customers in particular are aware of that.
Bernhard Obernosterer,
askYourBEN, Managing Partner
Bernhard Obernosterer
Thanks to the event experience of digital balance and their flexible modular software xCoordinator I can manage every event and trade show onsite activity digitally in a structured and easy work flow, capturing the data insights we need to evaluate every single event for on its performance.
Rinco van Rijn,
Event Strategist, Event Project Manager, Event Coach Discover Projects
Rinco van Rijn
The innovative digital balance tool has helped us organize the planning for client meetings during our events in a very professional way, instead of constantly editing various Excel overviews. Nancy and her team are always looking for further improvements.
Manôn Claassen,
Consumer Care Manager HUE Home Connected, Signify
Manôn Claassen