We live…
digital balance

digital balance – a team with a heart for digital assistants and a passion for new solutions. We concentrate on what we do best: connecting people and technology.

What drives us at digital balance

Technology that creates space

Our goal is to bring people into balance with technological solutions. We want to share our tools, write digital maps, think about new job opportunities and achieve relaxation in everyday life. The sensible one Connection between people and technology is our motivation.

Curiosity about progress

Nothing motivates us like concepts that help shape and shape the future. We are actively participating in the change in the digital landscape.

Smart moves

About our approach “Smart Moves” we want to help organizations to adapt their organizational design to today, tomorrow & the day after tomorrow.

People and technology

The relationship between man and machine will determine our future. We believe in team play with technology: The future belongs to the alliance between man and machine.

For a company, successful digital transformation always means integrating smooth interfaces between people and technology. As digital assistants, our solutions promote a balanced relationship between analog and digital parties.

Our view of the world as digital balance

As a remotely working team, we have found a formula for ourselves that works. We live and practice a life-time balance that enables us to always give our best. We want to reach organizations so that they can give their people the necessary technical lightness able to offer. We can help shape the future much easier and better because we have the past on file. Our projects challenge and support us in everyday project life and keep us on our toes. This continuously sharpens our adaptability and at the same time creates a deep respect for core processes.

With us, analog meets digital. As so often in life, balance is that balance that gives us courage and strength to take the next step.

Meet the crew

We’re not just designers, engineers, writers, and strategists. We are musicians, travelers, film fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Each of us brings a new perspective to our team, which is reflected in our cooperation and understanding as a company.

Hello! I’m Nancy

Creator of Opportunities

Nancy, she is our captain, always listens and manages our ship like no other. In short, she is an absolute power woman. A serene personality and full of character at the same time – with this explosive mixture Nancy achieves and surpasses everything she sets out to do. Let Nancy take you on her journey through life and explore the traces of Aristotle, Buddha and Optimus Prime together. You’ll never want to get off again.

Hello! I’m Isabel

People & Solutions Architect

According to the motto “Diamonds are pressed under the greatest pressure”, our word magician Isabel always gives full throttle until the last minute. Driven by her passion for what we stand for and what we do, she unites and guides her team through everyday life with an omnipresent smile. And before you know it, you will be swept away by our little tornado.


Hello! I’m Ron

Data Curator

Ron is a real-life wizard: he shapes and designs processes and solutions that no one could have imagined in his wildest dreams. In addition, there is his passion for perfectly optimized processes and his iron will to always go forward and think.
Do you love processes, are a dog lover and have a secret passion for German beer? Then you will find a friend for life in Ron.

Hello! I’m Richard

Lead Code Wizard

Richard is our puppet master of codes: he forms codes in an elegant and ingenious way according to his will and creates true masterpieces of the art of programming. He continuously proves to the world that multitasking may still exist and that not only vampires are active at night. Richard has long coded his way into our hearts.

Hello! I’m Anika

Dashboard Queen

It was love at second sight. But then Anika met her passion for dashboards and numbers like lightning. After finding her true calling as a data mage, she enchants everyone around her with incredible data sheets. We look forward to welcoming Anika back to our team soon.


Hello! I’m Richi

Software ninjaneer

As our youngest member of the digital balance team, Richard not only brings international glamor into our house, but is also responsible for regular tongue twisters with his namesake and programming colleague. But how do you say it ?: Double Richard programs better.