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digital balance

We are a team of technology enthusiasts, digital translators and solution finders. We build digital solutions that support you in your business and give your projects ease.
Get to know our team of digital assistants and rediscover smart working.

We create space through technology

The market for project management tools is large and continues to grow: good planning software is now available almost everywhere. So why do we offer another tool? Our aim was and is to create a digital solution that supports companies regardless of sector and project.

With our xCoordinator we have built such a product. We design software solutions that inspire us in the long term and continuously develop with us. Get to know our digital balance crew and start the next project at full throttle with your personal digital assistant.

Our solutions

Book & Let-it-flow

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions. Our Book & Let-it-flow solution is a management all-rounder – especially for use in test or vaccination processes.


Manage your resources from A to Z. From scheduling to deployment planning to project reporting. This solution provides you with the ideal digital assistant for your team and you.

Digital Experience

Whether online advice, training or interactive workshops – connect your customers online with product experts and create an unforgettable digital customer experience.

Business Analytics

Data is gold. The possibility to prepare and visualize data streams in a meaningful way is all the more valuable. Our solution helps you not only to collect data, but to understand it.

Book your personal digital assistant

Simplicity is the highest level of perfection. The xCoordinator is the product of our thirteen-year learning curve and impresses with its user-friendly interface and adaptable processes. We listen carefully to you and your team and build you the digital assistant that you really need.

Modular system

Experience digital diversity and easily combine our solutions with one another. Together we will build the desired tool for you and your team.


We want to enable a barrier-free user experience and therefore offer all of our solutions without any user limit.

User friendly

Is your team as diverse as your projects? No problem. Simply store individual usage and access rights for each user or team.

Experience our solutions live

Try demo tools for free

Book the demo of your choice for free. Test all processes live in our xCoordinator and get a feel for your digital assistant.

Live demo by our experts

Do you need a large-scale solution or are you interested in our business analytics solution? Then book a live demo with us – we will guide you through your desired solution free of charge.

Contact us for more information

Are you unsure which is the ideal solution for you and your team or do you have any further questions? Network with us – we will be happy to help you.